If you need a writer who can transform your complex ideas into productive sales and client retention tools, let me help.


Ghostwriting Your Book

It’s your book, your ideas but I do the heavy lifting, structuring the content, preparing the book for publication, and save you from all the typing.

White Papers

Assist in researching, structuring, writing, and provide marketing guidance and distribution.

Technical Backgrounders

Similar to white papers; interviewing you and your experts, structuring the content, shaping the document for best impact, guiding the distribution.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Identifying, researching, writing, directing the client approval process

FEATURED Testimonial
Handwritten letter from the book partner.

“To my amazing partner in crime. Thank you so much not only for the words themselves, but even more importantly for all the creative ideas, for your words of wisdom, and for guiding both of us through the process. I can’t wait for us to get going full speed on our next project. Thank you.”

– Book Partner

Let’s create something great.