Ultimate Guides

The following reports provide you with the key to creating powerful communications tools that can drive home your message. Simply click the document you want. Print or save it for use within your organization.


Drive Sales
Here in one place are the numerous communications tools you can use to drive home your messageThe White Paper White Paper
Required reading for explaining complex issues, technology, products, and services

The Ultimate ROI Guide
Required reading for communicating business value

The Ultimate Reviewer’s Guide
Required reading for influencing third-party reviews or evaluationsThe Ultimate Case Study Guide
Required reading for creating credible customer testimonials

The Ultimate Business Presentation Guide
Required reading for delivering a message with real impact


Watch for these Ultimate Guides coming soon:

The Ultimate Sales Guide–how to create a document that can drive business through the sales channel
The Ultimate Web Content Guide–how to create killer online content
The Ultimate Newsletter–how to maintain regular meaningful contact with customers and prospects
The Ultimate Press Release–how to write press releases that go into print rather than into the editor’s trash
…and more