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White paper
ROI Analysis

E-Commerce Business Plan
A summary of a detailed business plan for a startup

Reviewer’s Guide
VoIP managed service

White Paper

Feature Article
Enterprise mobility (wireless)


Feature article
SOA best practices

TCO analysis
HP StorageWorks

Magazine Supplement
Microsoft UDS

Case study

Mobile computing (Nokia–Digital Red)

Glossy brochure

White Paper

Technology backgrounder

Research Report
Gartner/Dataquest Study

Computerworld ROI
Feature report on wireless ROI

Microsoft-CIO Magazine Feature Article
Custom Online Content

Bio-informatics analyst report
Part of a series on bio-informatics trends

ROI Calculator

I do ROI/TCO analysis and create customized ROI/TCO calculators to help vendors communicate the value their products deliver. These calculators also can help internal IT groups communicate the value delivered by internal IT initiatives.

You can use me to develop customized ROI calculators for a wide range of systems and processes including professional services, customer support, transaction processing, collaboration, supply chain management, business intelligence and knowledge management, security, customer and partner management, content management, and more.

Click here to see a sample ROI calculator.

I created the above ROI calculator for Baroudi Bloor, a technology research firm. You can use it as a model for your own ROI calculator.

Feel welcome to contact me for help in preparing an ROI analysis or in creating an ROI calculator.

DYS Analytics, Lotus Notes Management
Case Study

Enterprise Storage
Press/Analyst Backgrounder

Lotus Services Group Sales Guide
Sales Guide

ERP-Supply Chain Management Trends
Special Supplement

IBM OS/2 Warp Server
Evaluator/Review Guide


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