Independent Assessment

Most of my business and technology writing is in service of others–vendors, consulting firms, publications, websites. Here at Independent Assessment, you will find my own analysis–independent assessments–of business and technology trends. You are welcome to read and download these for personal use. For distribution rights and reprints, please contact me at 617-332-4369 or

Enterprise Content Management
A compliance panacea?

Storage Management
Can any vendor pull it all together?

Grid computing
Can commercial enterprises harness grid computing?

How can organizations capitalize on the vast data they store?

Enterprise Linux
5 reasons why Linux can succeed in the enterprise

ASP Model
Built-for-the-Web makes the difference

Web Services
Tools for generating revenue

Enterprise Storage
Raising the high end of enterprise storage

Competitive Face-Off

a powerful positioning tool

Competitive Face-Off gives vendors the opportunity to match up their products against a selected set of competing products when compared to key customer requirements.

The Competitive Face-Off is a vendor-sponsored document. For details about how your product can be featured in a Competitive Face-Off, contact me.

Click here to view a sample Competitive Face-Off.