Pick Your Tools to Drive Sales

Marketers of complex products have a large set of tools at their disposal,
in addition to traditional media, marketing, direct response, and public


When to Use



Glossy brochure

Captures initial interest by presenting a high-level view of the
product, emphasizing business benefits.



Web content

For dynamic information and for fast, easy, low-cost delivery of any
information to an audience with Web access. May be either interactive or
static or, most likely, a combination of both.



Data/product sheet

Brief technical explanation of the product intended to provide a fast
overview of features, explain how it works, and identify technical



Technical/product backgrounder

Provides a detailed explanation of the product intended to resolve
technical concerns and establish technical advantages and differentiators.



Corporate backgrounder

Provides a comprehensive description of the company, its history,
management, strategy, and direction for the purpose of establishing the
credibility of the organization.



White paper

Addresses specific issues of customer concern by providing a detailed
explanation of how the organization is addressing the particular issues.



Business plan

Provides the comprehensive new business story in a compelling way for
funding sources, venture capitalists, financial and business analysts.



Technical and/or business article

Ghostwritten article under the byline of a company executive that
explains a particular technology, business concept or value proposition, or
industry trend/issue–an effective way to establish credibility and leadership.



Configuration/Implementation guide

Detailed document containing both business and/or technical discussions
with the aim of helping customers choose among product models or specify the
appropriate configuration of components.



Sales guide

Detailed document that provides the sales representative with the
information necessary to effectively sell the product; including a
comprehensive explanation of the product, review of the benefits and
features, target markets, competitive products, configuration, pricing,
market positioning, answers to frequently asked questions, sample proposals,
and sales tips.



User stories, case histories

Provides convincing examples of how others benefit from your
product—one of the most compelling sales tools.



Evaluator/Reviewer’s guide

Detailed description of product features and benefits, key
differentiators, intended usage, and market and competitive positioning, for
the purpose of helping the evaluator quickly understand the product and its



ROI analysis

Identifies and explains the bottom line financial and productivity
benefits that result from use of the product or service.



Competitive analysis

Reviews the differences between competing products for the purpose of
highlighting the advantage of the company’s product



Sales briefs

Concise sales aids that address key points in the sales process.
Highlights key features, benefits, differentiators, and competitive



Lotus Notes content

Provides a way to communicate quickly and interactively with audiences
while allowing the delivery of a wide spectrum of information to different
audience segments in the form of different Notes applications. It is
particularly effective with information that changes frequently and when
there is an interactive component to the sale.



Screen presentation

Communicates product information, features and benefits, technical
issues, or addresses any variety of issues in a highly visual format of bullets
and graphics and text. Although designed primarily to be presented in person
to the audience, presentations can also be used as follow-up material.




Allows the organization to maintain ongoing contact with the client or
prospect in an informative format seen as providing value.



Audio or Video presentations

An effective way to cut through the barrage of paper-, fax-, and
electronic information that inundates your target audience by presenting your
message in a compelling audio and/or video format, such as a low-cost audio